Discover the Toxic Boss Paradigm

What is a Toxic Boss? What to do to survive a Toxic Boss? How to change the behaviour of a Toxic Boss?

Bye Bye Burn-out

The main reason for burn-out can easily be cured. No magic required.

Profits and Wellbeing

When applying the tools provided by the Toxic Boss Paradigm your team are happier and more productive.

Applicable to all Companies

There is no need to overcomplicate misbehaving of leaders. The same Paradigm applies to all companies.

The Toxic Boss does not only cause personal pain but also costs to the company!


Toxic Boss


Quit job



Toxic Boss Paradigm explained

Carefully crafted paradigm. Simply explained.

We explain all the steps of our Toxic Boss Paradigm below. 9 quadrants explain the path of the Team member and the Toxic Boss.

1 Start

The team member acknowledges the Toxic behaviour of the Toxic Boss

2 Team member adapts

The team member adapts to survive the Toxic Boss

3 Team member quits job

In many cases the team member will fall out by Burn-out or quitting the job

4 Toxic Boss adapts only if…

If the team member succeeds, the Toxic Boss adapts via a “hearts & mind” leadership training

5 Replacement of Toxic Boss

If the Toxic Boss does not adapt, the Toxic Boss is replaced by a more mindful Boss

Toxic Boss does not adapt

Do not expect the Toxic Bosses to adapt themselves since they do understand.

Toxic Boss no change after Burn-out

Do not expect that the Toxic Boss changes behaviour after Burn-out or quitting of a Team Member

Toxic Boss no suffering so no quitting

Do not expect the Toxic Boss to give up the Boss role since there is no suffering

Toxic Boss no quitting after Burn-out

Do not expect the Toxic Bosses to quit themselves, even after a Burn-out or quitting of a Team Member

I once was a terrible boss but I have seen there is a healthier way. I am so happy my Team Member opened my eyes. It’s in the interest of every company to change or replace Toxic Bosses.

Mindful manager

Every Company

Breaking Toxic networks down has many benefits

Toxic networks can be built on a foundation of mutual exploitation, with each member seeking to benefit at the expense of others. Such networks are often rife with gossip, backstabbing, and rumors, as members vie for advantage over one another.

Focus on long-term stability

Toxic Bosses may prioritize short-term gains over long-term success. This can lead them to make decisions that are detrimental to the organization.

Micromanagement to protect themselves

Toxic Bosses may struggle to trust their employees and may be more likely to micromanage or criticize their work.

The key to success

the key to success lies in adopting a more generous and collaborative approach, prioritizing the needs and interests of others alongside one’s own. By building a network based on mutual respect and shared goals, individuals can create a positive and productive environment that benefits everyone involved.

No empathy

Toxic Bosses often lack empathy for others and may view their employees as tools to achieve their own goals.

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